“It is you and clean, flowing water. It is you, inquisitive, in a wild world that is older than man, seeking greater understanding and finding not only an endless interest but a tranquility that comes, most of the time, to all nature’s wild creatures.”

Lee Wulff

Welcome to Rifflin' Hitch Lodge

Luxury lodging ... an idyllic setting in the middle of pristine wilderness

Fly fishing for salmon, trout, and char in the fresh waters of The Labrador rivers

Our award winning chefs prepare delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner

We at Rifflin Hitch Lodge offer you an experience you will never forget.

If it’s true, as scholar and Trappist monk Thomas Merton says, that “the deepest level of communication is not communication, but communion…wordless…beyond speech, beyond concept,” then what we offer you here at Rifflin Hitch goes beyond a simple fishing trip with friends, family, or colleagues, and approaches something more akin to a religious experience.

Is there a more profound way of knowing or understanding a people or a place than to sample what a people or place produces in the world? What we at Rifflin Hitch offer you is to quite literally take a part of this land and its people with you.

To carry it inside you.

What we at Rifflin Hitch offer you, is our selves.

Nestled in the astonishing beauty of the remote Northern Labrador wilderness, Rifflin Hitch is perched beside the pristine waters of the Eagle River and presents to you something few in the world have ever had the good luck or opportunity to experience: a potentially life-changing adventure in the middle of the pure, virtually untrammeled heart of a legendarily beautiful landscape far beyond the demands of civilization.

During a short helicopter ride from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, you’ll witness first-hand the awe-inspiring vastness of Labrador stretching out before you to the horizon and beyond: the rugged peaks of the Mealy Mountains encrusted in snow and ice, the wide sky golden and blue in the morning light, the shimmering expanse of the Atlantic to the North and East, silver mist swirling and receding as you descend to your destination—Rifflin Hitch emerging from the green blanket of spruce and pine trees as suddenly and magically as a mirage.

At Rifflin Hitch, time, and the world you once knew, cease to exist.